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About Reflexology. Feel Less Stressed 2018

About Reflexology.

It is an Ancient Holistic with evidence going back to Egyptian times.

It is a non-invasive gentle therapy where by reflexes in the feet or hands are stimulated by the therapist. These reflexes are thought to reflect organs, structures and within the body and by working on these reflexes a relaxed state can occur. The body can have blockages or congestion which can be felt in the feet and by working on this can enable the energy to flow and equilibrium to be restored.

The relaxing effect of Reflexology upon the mind and body occurs by the correction of imbalances, by releasing tension and reducing the stress response within the body.

Having a Reflexology treatment can give a person an opportunity to have space to enhance well being which can enable a person to cope with life's demands.

Each person is totally individual therefore a persons response is totally unique alongside the benefits that are felt.

Professional body -Association of Reflexology
Website address: http://www.aor.org.uk/
Has important information regarding reflexology.

Professional body- Professional Reflexology
Website address: http://www.professionalreflexology.org/
Important information regarding reflexology

Anahata School In Lincoln. Proprietor Glenys Underwood Reflexologist

Video explanation and demonstration- What is reflexology?

About Reflexology. feet

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